Benjamin Rush

Alexis Dennis

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Who was this Man?

  • Benjamin Rush Was born on January 4, 1746 just outside of Philadelphia and died on April 19, 1813.
  • Studied at Princeton University then decided to get a medical degree at Edinburgh University
  • In 1789, he wrote in Philadelphia newspapers.
  • He was appointed treasurer of the U.S. mint where he served from 1797~1813

What did Rush do?

  • He was the founding father of the united states.
  • was a civic leader in Philadelphia, where he was a physician, politician, social reformer, educator and humanitarian, as well as the founder of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

when did all the stuff he did take place?

1768~He received the degree of M. D. after two years of schooling at Edinburgh University.

1774~He manifested his enthusiasm for the colonial cause by riding out to meet the Massachusetts delegates to the first Continental Congress in 1774.

1795~credited with curing the epidemic of yellow fever in Philadelphia.

Where are the places he has lived



~all over PA