El Nino

Lauren Mohar

El Nino

El Nino is an irregulary occuring and complex series of climate changes that afftects the qequatorial Pacific region. Beyond every few years, it is characterized by the apperance of unusually warm, nutrient- poor water off northern Peru and Eqcuador, this is typically in late December.

More about El Nino

El Nino can produce significant economic and atmospheric consequences worldwide.

Also, El Nino cna occur every 3 to 7 years, in which they last for about a year.

Weather Events from the result of El Nino

1) A shift of thunderstorm activity eastward from Indonesia to the south pacific, in which this leads to abnormally dry conditions and severe droughts during both warm and cold seasons in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, southeastern Africa and Brazil.

2) During the summer season the Indian monsoon is less intensive than normal and therefore it is much less rainy than usual in India.

3) Much wetter conditions at the west coast of tropical South America.

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