My Smore Flyer

Poor Butterfly

Hi!!! everyone my name is Bae Meh. I am  19 years old.  I was born in Burma , but when I  was one year old, my family move to Thailand Refugee Camp. I once lived in a refugee camp for thirteen years, and then moved to USA. I have been here for  three  almost four years  now. My parents moved to Thailand Refugge Camp because they have a civil war in Burma . I grew up in the camp and went to school. I also play a lot of sports . Before I move here i did not  know  how to speak English . The frist school I went to  was international school. I didn't undersand everything . After one month later, I went to a private school.   They taught very well and I starting to understand and was able to  speak English . I went to pravite school for three years. Last year i went to Stone Mountain High School. Finally I am here!!!!!