Move to The New England Colonies

Juveriya Ali


Come on over to the New England colonies

Come on over here, where we have huge jobs such as cutting down trees and floating them to sawmills, trading ports to Massachusetts and New Hampshire . These cities grew into major trading centers. In 1600s, some people hunted whales which traded for oil for lamps and other items. Whaling grew into a big business in 1700s and 1800s.


The New England clouds right around the sunset

Such a beautiful day on a New England sunset. The land is mostly filled with trees and less farm land. But it has many different colonies that trade with different exports. New Hampshire (which trade in fur and cattle); Rhode Island (trade in rum and iron); Massachusetts (trade in lumber,cattle, and rum); Connecticut ( cattle iron and grain)


A classic white church in New hampshire

Most People around here are Puritans which is a form of Christianity. Over here we would have a tradition on going to church on Sundays. But that all changed during the 1700s when the Puritan tradition was declined. That's why most families because of that.

School Life for Children

New England girls School in Armidale.

The typical school here in New England that everyone was treated with respect and amount of knowledge just every rich or poor students. They had public schools. Actually Massachusetts was the first colony to set up a public school.


Sign that Says Slaves for Sale

There was Slavery in New England. There were mainly used by making a profit by selling enslaved Africans for rum and other products. But some others were servants. Other than that people didn't really care about slaves

Political System

Over here it was very easy to say what you needed to say and be happy with it