Singapore, Singapore


Singapore's Super Food

Embrace yourself for the delicious cuisine of Singapore. It has many different varieties of food like fish and fruit. Singapore also has many ethnic food differences too, coming from Indian to British. The locals love to eat BBQ, Mexican, and basically whatever you eat on a regular basis. Come try these foods to excite the whole family!


Come See Singapore's Crazy Culture

Come see one of Asia's most beautiful cities. Come experience the amazing jazz, dance and much much more at the Festival Of Arts on January 11th. It is one of the most densely populated cities, but it is spotless. Come see why everybody loves Singapore.

Singapore's Main Attractions

Be ready to have your mind blown from Singapore's great tourist activities such as Formula One. There are also many orchestras from all over the world like the Chinese Orchestra. Come see some of the fantastic one man shows. And if your into saving money, Singapore's got you, so many good eateries that are inexpensive. So come see the many wonders of Singapore.

Landmark Lovers Are In Luck

If you love beauty and shopping come to these places-Come see Sir Raffles The Almighty's statue. Listen to some of the greatest artists of the world at the Esplanade, plus you won't even need tickets! If you love shopping, come on down to Chijmes, one of Singapore's oldest and most known shopping areas. Experience the amazing Merlion Parks where you can see the beauty of Singapore. Come fantasize yourself in Singapore.

Afraid They Don't Speak Your Language? Worry No More!

What are some of Singapore's Languages you may ask. Well, lucky for you, you won't have to learn a new language. If your American or British, your lucky, Singapore's first language is English. Singapore, not surprisingly, has Malay as their second language. There are also 19 more languages they speak. So no matter where your from somebody speaks your language.

Singapores Tropical Climate

Do you love the tropics or tropical places? Singapore is your one way ticket to paradise. Beautiful tropical breezes everywhere you go. The average high is 82 degrees F, and the average low is 77 degrees F. Now if you don't frizzy hair, you're in in trouble, Singapore is 70% of the time it is humid. So come visit tropical Singapore.
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