Chapter 28 Section 2

Macayla, Collin,Kevin and Scott

Japan Trading

-From the early 1600's to the 1800's Japan was isolated.

-It had some contact with China and Korea and limited contact with Dutch traders.

-In 1853 that changed and they started trading with the United States, and soon did small trades with European nations

-Many were upset with this agreement

-For the first time in a while the empire ruled Japan directly.

-The empire was determined to modernize his country.

-They soon developed the same schooling for children as america had.

-The empire also made economy changes and built railroads, coal minds and constructed factories, this movement is what shaped Japan.

-Japan went to war with China because China wouldn't stop sending armies into Korea.

-Japan surprisingly beat the powerful Russia in 1909.

-Japanese proved to be harsh warriors because of all the victories.