Transition Plus

Helping to create 21st Century Learners

Help Our New Staff

Please make sure to check in with new staff around the building so they know who you are and ask them if they need any help with anything re: MPS & T-Plus. Many are new to Minneapolis Schools as well as T-Plus

If there are staff members who are not on the listserv for T Plus please let Daphne know so they can be added to the list.

Time Entering

Please make sure your time is entered into ESS by the end of the day today. I will be approving time this evening. If you need help, please see Daphne or a staff member who has been here for assistance.

Work Based Learning Update--------------- for Team 2 & 3

1) Thank you for welcoming Eric & Dana into your Advisories last week to share worksite information, and assist students in completing Career Interest Surveys & Work site Request Forms.

2) We have tremendous interest in our Cookie Cart worksite. Interviews will be conducted this week. Please be aware that 2nd & 3rd year students are prioritized for Cookie Cart. Students will be assigned to all worksites by Sept 8. Worksites are expected to start the week of Sept 11.

3) Students interested in individualized job search assistance are encouraged to contact Eric in person or via phone or email. Stop by C201 & book an appointment.

4) Students who are already working should stop by room C201 to obtain an OJT agreement for the new school year. You may also request an OJT agreement from Trish or Dana via email.

Project Based Advisory

Tom's advisory students, the Crew in C222, want to do a fundraiser for the people affected by Harvey (The Storm).

His students want to go to the other Advisories to share their goal-

To raise money or other items for the people in the Gulf Region.

His advisory has already donated $7.77 in the first hour of school this week.

Counselor's corner

Internship Opportunity for Students

Please see the link for information about an internship opportunity with Senator Al Franken. Please consider posting the flyer in your room. If you know of any students who might be interested please let them know and/or send them my way.

More Scheduling Stuff

Now that we are beyond the first 5 days of the school year/term 1, schedule changes will not be accepted unless there is an extenuating circumstance. School social worker signature is required for any change requests to be considered (this does not include new enrollees). Please note this and spread the word to students as well. Thank you!

Room Changes

If you were a teacher at TPlus last year and moved rooms for this school year, please send Britt a quick email and let her know.


Please announce to your students in advisory that we are looking for students to submit designs for our 2017-18 Transition Plus Shirts.

  • Designs should be submitted by September 29th end of the day.
  • On Monday October 2nd we will have a vote to decide what design we will use
  • We need at least 2-3 people willing to be a committee to roll this out- they will determine the cost and selection and share with the staff
  • Once the design is selected and cost is determined- we will take pre-orders from staff and students

Message from PSWE & Engagement Team

Message from Engagement-

Thank you all for being welcoming and engaging our students in learning during this first week. Being present and providing engaging instruction is essential in keeping our students focused on learning and growth. We seemed to have less hallway activity and that was due to "all hands on deck" and everybody involved in this effort.

Moving forward, if you need to report a behavior, please fill out the following form. Do not be concerned about the level of documented behavior. The engagement team will be tracking referrals and will determine level of behavior based on the severity and frequency of the action. Furthermore, the Engagement team will work with students, family, case manager, and social worker in determining how to handle the behavior.

Thank you all in advance for helping our building improve in getting good useable data that will help us in our teaching and practices.


We will be re-instituting the Shout-outs box. There will be different colored sheets for each team and for staff. There will be a weekly shout out on Mondays with the opportunity for each person being shouted out can get a treat from Jason.

When we reach 20 days of staff attendance reaching 95% or better - Staff will earn an ice cream day.

Links from the Beginning of the Year

I've heard that there were some links that were missed by people from what was sent at the beginning of the year so here they are once more:

The T Plus Big Picture- Including Roles/ Responsibilities

2017-18 School Improvement Plan for T Plus

2017-18 School Calendar Year

2017-18 Staff Handbook - Signature page available at Icxiuh's desk- Complete by 9/15/17

Meeting Schedule for the Year- This includes PSWE, ILT, Licensed Staff, Team , ESP, PD days, and CBI dates

This Week at Tplus

Tuesday- licensed staff meeting

Friday- ILT Meeting - 8 am - C120B

---------- ESP Meetings---2-2:30 & 2:35-3:05-- C120B