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We sell all types of camo. From deer camo to duck to turkey camo. We sell it ALL. We even have our own line of camo from us. It is very light weight an durable and will withstand any weather your season of huntng putts you through.


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Rifles and Bows

In our selection of bows we sell bowtech bows. In the line of arrows we sell carbon express and gold tip arrows. In our line of rifles we sell remington, browning and mossberg. We also sell camo raps for the rifle. We install the camo rap for the rifle.


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Hunting trips

We offer a few hunting trips. You can go out west to utah and hunt elk. Or go down to mississippi to hunt aligators. You can go to africa to hunt water buffalo. You can also win a guided trip to china to hunt monkeys.


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We host a hunters banquet with food. There are deer mounts you can look at. All you can eat buffet. Theres also a variety of trips that are avaliable. Theres a gun raffle as well as door prices and lastly you can win a hunting trip.


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