James and the Giant Peach

Written by Roald Dahl


This exciting book is 146 pages!

Main Characters, Setting, Events and Conflicts:

The main characters in James and the Giant Peach written by Roald Dahl are James Henry Trotter, his two mean aunts named Spiker and Sponge, Old Green Grasshopper, Miss. Ladybug, Centipede, Miss. Spider, Earthworm, Glow-Worm and the Silkworm. The story begins in England, but the setting really is the giant peach. There are many important events in this exciting story! The first thing that happens is that James' parents die and he is forced to live with his cruel aunts. The next important event is that James meets a magical old man who gives him magic crystals. Instead of eating them like he was told to do, James accidentally drops them in the ground and the crystals disappear into the dirt next to the peach tree in his aunts' yard. The next important event is that a giant peach grows to be as big as a house! Then the next important event is that James notices an opening in the peach that leads to a tunnel and he decides to go in. A very important event happens next and that is a that James meets all the talking insects that live inside the peach. The final important event is that the peach rolls out of the yard and James and his new friends begin their epic journey to America inside the giant peach. They have many obstacles along the way and James is always the hero who solves their problems. The main conflict is James and his crew are floating across the Atlantic Ocean in a huge piece of fruit and they meet many difficulties along the way and they have to learn to work together to survive. This story is written in the third person. The point of view is from the narrator of the story.

Important Scene:

One of the most important scenes in this story is when the peach grows. Without this part of the book, there would be no adventure for James who lives with his two aunts who are horrible to him. They yell at him, starve him, beat him and treat him very badly. One day, they make him chop wood and it is extremely hot. They don't give him a drink and they always yell at him to work harder. James is so sad that he runs to a corner of the yard to cry. Here, he meets a magical man who gives him magic crystals and tells him how to use them so that his life will become "marvelous, fantastic and unbelievable." Instead of drinking them, he drops them on the ground and they disappear. Almost immediately, a peach begins to grow on the tree that never grows any fruit. The peach doesn't grow to be a normal peach. It keeps growing until it is the size of a house. Without this scene, James would not have a way to escape from his evil aunts and meet all his new friends.

Important Scene:

Another very important scene in the book is when the peach is floating in the ocean and being attacked by sharks. The characters realize they must get the peach up out of the water to save it and themselves. They think of a plan to tie seagulls to the stem of the peach in order to lift it up. It takes exactly 502 seagulls to lift the peach! Miss. Spider and the Silkworm spin all the string that they use.


The theme of this story is that you can always overcome your challenges if you try your hardest and never give up! For example, all the insects think they are going to starve to death on the peach because there is nothing to eat, but James reminds them that they are "on a ship made of food." Another example is when the sharks are attacking the peach and again the insects think they are going to die, but James thinks of the plan that saves them all. He says, "there is no shortage of seagulls and I shall simply go on hooking them up to the stem until we have enough to lift us up."

The theme connects to my personal life...

The theme of James and the Giant Peach connects to my real life because when I am playing sports I never give up. In basketball, when I miss a shot, I do not stop trying and I keep believing that the next shot will go in! Another time that I never give up is when I have an asthma attack. I live with asthma everyday, but I never let it stop me from doing the things I like to do like playing with my friends outside or participating in sports like basketball, tennis and lacrosse. Sometimes in school, the work is very hard and I don't feel like doing it. If feel frustrated and swamped by work, I always do it because I know it will help me in the long run and so I don't ever give up. Like James, when I am in a hard situation, I try to stay calm and think of the best solution. I don't panic and I work hard to get the job done. James always saves all the insects with his ideas and I think I am also good at helping others like my friends and family.