The Muraski Tribune: Issue 15

Your Weekly Communication About All Things Muraski

Update From the Principals

Good Morning Muraski Families,

I hope you enjoyed the warm weekend and are enjoying the holiday season. Northeast Ohio and Strongsville have so much to offer all families, so I hope you get the chance to enjoy some time with your children walking in the metroparks, looking at the lights in Strongsville, Zoo, or a neighboring community, tobogganing at the Chalet, or something else that brings joy to you and your child. We are going to do everything we can to help all of our kids laugh, smile, and enjoy the two weeks prior to winter break, culminating in our holiday parties on December 16th. Please make sure you work with your child's teacher and room parent to ensure you are up to date with all the information that's needed in the next two weeks.

Let's have a great week!


Mike Griffen

Muraski Holiday Shop

Parents, your child will be bringing home their Holiday Shop envelope this week. Please fill out the envelope with your child identifying who they should buy for and a price range for that person. Send back the envelope with your student on the day he or she is due to Shop.

Items available to purchase range in price from .25 - $11. There are some Elves that have been busy making and buying items that your child can purchase at the shop. We also use a company called Penguin Patch to supplement the items we have purchased or had donated. There will be Strongsville themed gifts for sale as well as Cleveland sport teams items and lots of items made by our talented Muraski families. We like to offer a variety of items to ensure we have something available for everyone on your list.

Below you will find the schedule showing the day each class will shopping. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Muraski Rockstars of the Week: Kiera Flynn & John Link

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Muraski MVP of the Week: Athena Wendland

Muraski Artist of the Week: Lillian Harvey & Brycen Suhay

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December PBIS Data

Below you will see data from the first week of December. As you can see, being prepared and respectful continue to be the top areas of concern regarding PRIDE. We will be working with our PBIS team this month to determine what we can do as a building to proactively address these behaviors both in the classroom and throughout the entire building.
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Mrs. Elliott's First Grade Class - Extra Recess!

Mrs. Cipriani's Fourth Grade Class - Hat Day!

Mrs. Tedeski's Fourth Grade Class

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Each week, ALL staff members at Muraski are asked to hand out PRIDE tickets to students who are being Prepared, Respectful, Inclusive, Determined, and Engaged. As students receive these tickets, they write their name on the ticket and place it in their teacher's PRIDE cup. Each Friday, Mr. Griffen and Mrs. Hawk collect the PRIDE tickets for each grade level and pull winners. This week we selected 5 winners for each grade level! The winners get to choose a special prize. At the end of the month, there wiill be a grand prize winner! Check out the winners below for Week 2 of our PRIDE raffle!

Reese BakerIshmeet

KaurNola Krenek

Adam Agbuya

Bella Karam

Quin Havel

Jovani Waked

Liam Caraballo

Olivia Emery

Isabel Ludwig

Ewan Kerns

Jonathan Walker

Kothon Noor

Sydney Schaffran

Frank Favazza

Aya Bouhamidi

James Reindel

Jovanni Rice

Henry Wade

Lily Toth

Eden Krenek

Marjan Eldanaf

Andy He

Brehon Pittman

Brad Liieb

Yaroslav Ivasick

Kamara Franklin

Addison Timura

Matt Bryk

Alex Wilson

Additional Lunch Promotion

Did you know that students who pack their lunch can still receive FREE food items at school? Even if you are sending your student to school with food from home, they are still able to receive a fruit, vegetable, and milk for FREE! It's convenient and saves money for families - just pack the main item for lunch and let SCS Food Services take care of the rest!
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Help Brownie Troop 70719 with Donations

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Holiday Fundraiser for Muraski PTA

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Muraski Food Drive Winners: Mrs. Cipriani's Class

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Thank you for your donations

Muraski's PTA was able to donate tons of socks and blankets to over 50 families. Thanks so much for all you do to support the community and families in our district.
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