Global and Local winds

What are winds?

Winds is air that moves parallel to the ground. Winds are caused by the uneven heating on Earth's surface and by amount of pressure. In this s'more, you will learn what are local and global winds and about the types of local and global winds.

Local winds

Local winds change speed and direction. They are caused by uneven heating on Earth's surface or when the pressure changes. A sea breeze is when cool winds from the water blow onto the land during the day. A land breeze however, is when cool air blows to water from the land during the night.
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The types of global winds

Global winds

Global winds are winds that cover larger areas and don't change. There are 6 types of global winds. Warm air rises up, while cooler air takes its place.

Doldrums are found at the equator. This is a place of steady heating and rising air. The winds are very weak.

Jet streams are 10 km above Earth's surface. Air crafts use it to go faster while saving fuel. There are 2 types on jet streams I know; polar jet streams and subtropical jet streams.

Long ago, people used trade winds to trade goods to places like North and South America. That's why they call it trade winds. They are found on 30 degrees central and south of the equator.

Polar Easterlies blow to the west. They blow cold air away from the poles. They're found 60-90 degrees north and south of the equator.

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