Away With the Quartering Act!

By: Colby Kelley

What is the Quartering Act?

The Quartering Act is a law that states that us colonists have to house, feed, and supply soldiers that are keeping us from out freedom! This new act was passed just May, 3rd, 1765. The King expects us to spend our money on his soldiers so he doesn't have to. Join me in protesting for our freedom!

The Quartering Act Protest!

Wednesday, Sep. 25th 1765 at 2:30pm

Your Own Home

As you are preparing your meal for the soldier(s), prepare a small amount so that they barely get any at all. Also, cook something that the soldier may not enjoy so that he will not want to stay in your home. Make sure that the supplies you provide your soldiers are not very efficient as well. In any way you can, make the soldiers stay horrendous. By doing this, we can drive the soldiers out of our homes and possibly lift the act itself!


While doing this form of protesting, it is possible that the soldiers can become angry and decide to attack your family. Also, they might put in a word with the King about what is happening as well. Make sure that while you are making these changes that you act as if nothing is happening otherwise the soldier will notice and that could lead to injuries, trouble for you, and possibly death.
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So please join me in fighting for our freedom!