Roger Sperry

By: Akram Juma


Roger Wolcott Sperry (Aug. 20, 1913 - April 17, 1994) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and grew up on a farm outside Hartford in an upper middle-class environment. He attended Hartford public schools and later went on to attend Oberlin College, in Ohio.

Contribution to Psychology

He found out that both the left and right parts of the human brain have specialized functions and can operate independently. This astonishing discovery paved the way for new developments in neuroscience.

Fun Fact!

At West Hartford High School he was a star athlete in several sports, but he also did well enough academically to earn a scholarship to Oberlin College and later on the University of Chicago. At Oberlin, Sperry was captain of the basketball team, and he also took part in varsity baseball, football, and track.


His work and the importance of his findings were recognized and he was given the prestigious Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award along with $15,000 grant in 1979. In 1981, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the fields of medicine and psychology. He shared it with two other scientists, Torsten N. Wieseland David H. Hubel.