Perseverance takes out Adversity

By: Gabby Golab


Perseverance means getting through of all of your adversities in life and never giving up, always having hope and staying positive, even when it gets hard. The people I think showed all of these traits are included in the paragraphs.
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Winston's Perseverance


Winston Churchill was a lot of things, although he cannot be said he was 100% successful, but we can say he was a successful leader. Winston to me had many character traits but 3 inparticular explain him overall and they are a leader, well adjusted, and determined. The reason one of his character traits is leader is because in may of 1940 churchill was asked to lead in WWII not only did he lead to victory he united the us and the soviet union to help, and save all of Britain and Europe. Well adjusted was my second one because he was revoked out and put back into government many different times but, because some thought he was inadequate. But in 1914 when Churchill was forced out of government he adjusted quite well and showed resilience. At first he was worried about his future and fell into depression, but quickly learned to focus on other things such as writing and painting. My third trait was determined, this is because after all he has been through he still found a way to stay focused and on track from writing his books to his paintings to him being in government. He was born in November 30, 1874 and passed away on January 24, 1965. Churchills childhood was good and bad in differents ways, the good parts was that he was born into a good family and wealth. He also had people to care for him such as his parent, brother, and nanny. The bad parts were he had many childhood illnesses, his parents were away most of the time, and he was never very good in school. But still even with all that he succeeded and graduated near the top of his class at Royal Military College in 1893. With all of Churchills accomplishments the greatest one I believe was when he lead and saved everyone in Europe from the nazis in WWII. The reason this is the greatest accomplishment of his is because he saved tons of lives and had become very well-known for it. A quote that best describes his overall character comes from a song the Harrow School that he had modified it for a better meaning “I have obtained the Head Master’s permission to alter darker to sterner. “Not in less we praise in sterner days.” I think this best describes his character because it shows how he wants to look back on all the things that happened for the good and the outcomes not the bad or the causes

Grand slam for America


Noble Experiment

In the beginning of the story, it tells you how Branch Rickey had a problem with one of his African American players, and how he didn’t get the same rights he deserved. Next Branch Rickey spent 35 years thinking about what happened every night, wondering if he should do something about it. Then one day he decided it was time he should, so he decided to try his “noble experiment”. He then looked for the person that would be part in it, and when he thought he found a person who was perfect, he started to investigate. Not long after Jackie Robinson had proved his himself to be the idle candidate and agreed to help. But at the same time he knew that he would be facing a lot of racist people who won't accept him and that won't treat him fairly. In the end Branch Rickey was right to believe in Jackie because he changed the world for the better ending segregation in major league sports, just how it should always been like Branch said “It doesn’t tell you how big you are, what church you attend, what color you are, or who your father voted for in the last election it tells you what kind of baseball player you are.”

Giving your best for success


Losing to Win

The many problems the girls faced in the video were because of their families, homes, parents. They had these problems because of wealth, parents, and environments. The solution for these problems was the school Carroll Academy, also the staff. They helped these girls many ways, by having them be in a better environment during the day, giving them an education, but most importantly a second chance. They gave the girls a good opportunity, for a way to make friends, help with anger, and play a fun sport. The way this is negative because they often tend to lose their games, even though it helps them learn from their mistakes, it must be disappointing to not win when you are trying your best. Another negative will be when you have to leave the school, this is a negative but also a positive. Its a negative because they will have to leave their friends and the staff who cared for them, but it is positive because it means they are better and good enough to go back to regular school. Therefore the school is the solution to their problems because as I said before it provides them with many things to help them get better. Overall there are negative and positive things about the school but mainly positive because after all they are taking kids that have been through a lot and making them happier and giving them hope, something they could of lost.

The Ending To the Road of Perseverance

The things we can from the perseverance from all others in today's world is to follow some of the traits they show. Always staying positive and having a good out look. Never giving up and pushing it till you eventually succeed. Another thing we can learn from these people is that eventually it will get better and one day you will triumph.

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