Bullet Ant

By: Ivy, Moky, and Renee

Bullet Ant

A Paraponera Clavata is a terrestrial pest. The more common name for a Paraponera Clavata would be bullet ant. Worker ants are 18-30 millimeters long and resemble stout, reddish-black, wingless, wasp. The queen ant is not much lager than the worker ants.

The Sting

When the Bullet Ant “stings”, it sends venom in the body. The pain is said to be more painful than a Tarantula Hawk Wasp, and to some people, it is equal to being shot. It is said that the sting causes waves of burning, throbbing, and all-consuming pain that can continue up to 24 hours.

South America

Bullet Ants are from South America. They started to spread across the continent to other countries. Since they are native to South America, they were first found there. Bullet Ants have not traveled outside of South America, so they are not on any other continent. Bullet Ants live in undisturbed rain forest, so it is not possible to control their population.