Child Labor Laws

How have conditions influence the development of societies?


During the industrial revoution, many factories required more workers to produce faster. Many country people moved to citys to get work and get more money. they didn't know that they got little money from factory work. so everyone in the family had to work, including kids. This poster is about the working conditions kids have to go through o get money for their family.  

My opinion

I think that Child labor laws are a very good thing to have.Because of this, most kids today are not forced to work, and if they do work, conditions and the way they are treated are much better. However, there are about 50,000-60,000children who are forced to work in factories in very bad conditions, so I think they need to be stronger. Other than this problem, I think its good.

Hours, Wages, and Treatment

During the industrial revolution, children had to work for very long to get little pay. A hild could wok up to 19 hours a day, with only 1 hour of break time. All of this could earn a child 1 dollar a week. It isnt worth it to risk you life for a dollar a day. Sometimes the factory owners got away with paying the kids nothing at all. It also makes it rougher that the children were not cared for. Conditions were bad, and adults often harshly punished the kids for doing something wrong like coming to work late. If that happened, the facotry worker would tie something heavy to the kids neck and forced the kid to walk around the factory.

How most of this crulity ended

Many average people made groups that wanted child labor laws. They said that child labor was to harsh and there should be a law against it. However, factory owners made a good fight not to. Lets imagine that a factory owner was an emperor, normal factory workers were peasants, and the child labor law groups were everyone fighting for a new ruler. Everyoe would want a more free country with a less harsh ruler(s). The emperor would go against that, giving good reasons why not to overthrow him. He would then threaten the peasants that is they don't support him, they would be killed. That is what happened during the fight for child labor laws.

By: Adam .F