How does my parenting affect my child life?

About Me

Hello Im Jada Craig

I am a sophomore at F.L. Schlagle. I have 3 sisters and no brothers out of all I'm the youngest child. I'm young with a baby and I take good care of her. My daughter name is J'Miyah Rollins she is about to be 3months. I plan to succeed through my next 2 years of school. I have thought about my actions and how they may effect my child and My baby mean the world to me. Time have got ruff with me trying to take care of a baby but I still do it.

Essential Question

How does my parenting affect my child?

I chose this because I have a baby. I be wondering if what I do affect her. When I get mad do she feel that vibe? More of what I do will she be the same way. Will she repeat my steps in what I did in life.

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Explanation of Topic

I know that when i'm upset she knows. When i'm not in the mood she not in the mood. What I want to know is that what I did growing up will she do the same thing. Will she follow my steps or her father steps. What I hope people get from this is that being a parent isn't about just the looks or just having them. Its about taking care of them and setting better examples.

My Process

Day by day as the change of my tone and what I do may affect my child for the rest of her life. Its like if you and your spouse are not getting along it can affect your child. Kids look up to you as they parent they want to try to please you as much as they can.

Feature steps

I will go deeper than what I did for my research. I plan to be able to know everything about how I affect my child. My main focus is to know what upset my child and what make her happy. I need to know what I need to do to keep my child from following my steps.


I came to this question because my child is young and I need to know what I need to do to keep her from following my steps. This is only because I don't want her being like me and having a baby at a young age like I did. This was beneficial for me because I can express how I feel. It is helpful because i can research things I need to know.
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