Room 107 News May 4th

Our silkworms are growing!

Silkworms eating breakfast

What have we been learning?

In Math, we have worked hard on the take from 10 strategy in subtraction. Ask your child to show you this!

In Writing, we have been busy working on persuasive letters. Last week, your child wrote you a letter persuading you to use reusable bags when grocery shopping. He/she also made you a bag to use. The class has been busy writing all kinds of persuasive letters to a variety of people.

In science, our silkworms continue to grow and the class has noticed their huge appetite for mulberry leaves. Our cotton stainers had babies over the weekend!


Please do not send candy or other unhealthy foods to school with your child. ISB works hard to teach children how to have a healthy, balanced, and actively lifestyle. There is a healthy snack provided each morning.

Our Babies!

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