Sin Taxes

Are they good or bad?

Background of sin taxes

Sin taxes are taxes added to items to help fund governmentprograms A lot of the time they are added to things that are bad for your health. Sometimes they are frustrating and sometimes they are a good thing. In our case they are a good thing. They are thinking about adding sin taxes to alcohol and tobacco.
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Sin taxes added to alcohol

The government wants to add sin taxes to alcohol here in Virginia. We think that if they do it will help with underage drinking. It will keep kids from buying alcohol. We believe that it will help drunk driving. It will keep people from buying alcohol because it's too expensive.

Sin taxes added to tobacco

If they add sin taxes to tobacco it will cause them to be too expensive and people will stop buying them. This will help everyone's health. It will also help underage people to stop buying them. People will have a lot easier time breathing.