Cross Mountain

Fun Facts



Caitie is not the only one who has been in a statement issued by the end of the world.

Claire is the best thing ever when you have to go back and forth.

Mia the first half of the best thing ever because she is my dream.

Chloe is the most beautiful girl in my head hurts so bad but I can't even see. LITERALLY.

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The modern cross was raised in 1946 and still is there today.

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The mountain side was cut off and used to build the first homes.
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The mountain and cross were viewed as a symbol of the spirit from the past.
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The original wood left at cross mountain was thought to be left there by the Spanish settlers.
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The cross was replaced because of the bad burns and scars left by the Easter Fires
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Now residing under the bench of Cross Mountain is a specimen left there by Fredericksburgers in the 2016's