Dangers on the Oregon Trail

By Justin A. Jones

You couldn't expect to stay healthy

There were many diseases and sickness on the Oregon Trail. Nearly everyone was affected by a malarial fever called ague. And many women died giving birth, too. The Pioneers feared disease but no matter how healthy they tried to stay they got affected by it one time or another.

All the dangers

One of the most common animals was the rattlesnake. Its poison killed people and the animals. They were not a huge problem considering everyone had weapons. There were also indians. But one of the worst was storms. It was awful! wagons would get stuck, The insides of wagons would flood, and if lightning hit your wagon it would start on fire.

The work

Their was many things that had to get done on the wagon train. The children did almost all of it. They fed the animals, milked the cows, make sure the wagon stayed in shape, they would go hunting then make dinner out of whatever they caught, and they would serve it. And they didn't even get to sit while eating!