Dakota Ramirez


Getting There

Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country, but close to 68 million people live there. The airline I am taking is united.

The first flight is Sat. 5:40pm to Sun.9:30 am.

Flight is is from Sun. 2:55pm to Mon. 9:10 am.

The thrid flight is Mon. 10:30am to Mon 12:00pm.

Where to Stay

The place I am staying at is Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. It is $185 a night. The place is pretty. I am going there to relaxe in the sand were the beach is.



We can do sky diving and surfing. wecan going fishing and golfing. There is a lot of stuff to do there. But it is so much money.
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The places are so much money to do stuff there so this way I am going to the beach.


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