Rockin' Rock and Mineral Poster

by Hallie Vandeven

Rock vs Mineral

Rocks and Minerals are different. Rocks are solid materials that are not human made but make up earths surface and other things. Minerals are not man made, they are solid, and are made up of chemicals. They both make up a lot of things we use everyday. 4 Characteristics of minerals-

  • Naturally made
  • Is a solid
  • Made up of chemicals
  • Structured as a crystal

3 Characteristics of rocks-

  • Is a solid
  • Made up of 1 or more minerals
  • Formed from nature

Rocks and minerals in Daily Life

We use rocks and minerals in daily life all the time. There is so much that is made up of minerals or rocks. Just think about everything you uses. Computers, phones, pencils, paper, walls, clothes, television, and more are all examples of what we uses normally on a daily basses. Without rocks and minerals a lot of things in life would not be possible. It's crazy to think about how life would be without them.

Different types of Rocks

Different Types of Minerals


Aluminum- Most common mineral. Used for many things like cars, trains, buildings, and electronics.

Beryllium- Used to make lights and air crafts

Clay- Used in floors, brick, walls, and other things.

Copper- Transportation, buildings, electronics, and roofing are all different ways copper is used.

Gold- Jewelry and arts, very popular to use in other things too.

Lead- Tv's and other electronics. Some people think it's in pencils but that is wrong.

Lithium- Glass, batteries, and ceramics commonly have lithium in them.