Humor Genre

Humor is used in novels and stories to make them funny and not serious.

Realistic Fiction Genre

Realistic fiction are stories that can happen to real people and animals. Usually the stories are connected to real people and are are connected to real life.

Memoir Genre

A memoir is a special type of autobiography, it usually involves a public portion of the authors life as it relates to some person, a historic event, or a thing. The text is about the personal knowledge or the experiences of the authors life.

Thriller Genre

Thriller genre uses suspense, tension and excitement in books and novels as its main elements. This genre gives the readers a high level of anticipation.

Historical Fiction Genre

Historical Fiction is a genre in which the story takes place in the past. The setting is in a historical event and often contains historical persons.

Biography Genre

Biography genre is when a author writes a book/series about somebody else. They write about the persons whole life.

Autobiography Genre

Autobiography genre is when an author writes about his/her life in a book/series.

Adventure Genre

The adventure genre is when the characters go do exiting thing and they are usually dangerous thing they have to do.

Science Fiction Genre

Science fiction books usually take place in the future and has lots of technology in that world. They usually have time travel in the book to get to the main setting.

Fantasy Genre

Fantasy genres stories usually are made up and have magic, monsters, and other fiction things. Usually the books are series.

Mystery Genre

Mystery genre is when a detective or other person tries to solve a crime or a series of crime. They can be novels or chapter books.

Romance Genre

Romance genre is when two people fall in love. the two elements that make up a romance novel are '' a central love story '' and '' an emotionally satisfying Optimistic ending ''.