Avenue 5 LeaseStar Update

September 2015

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Lead2Lease - Exciting News!

  • Lead Follow-up and Tracking Report - We have resolved the issue with this report where the user was not able to select Gross Leases, just New Leases.
  • User Interface Enhancements - We have released new enhancements to the Landing Page, Property Search Widget and Prospects pages.

Lead2Lease - Top Leads & Utilization

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  • The above chart highlights Avenue 5's top lead receiving communities.
  • The "Viewed" column indicates how many leads were viewed in Lead2Lease, while the "managed" column accounts for leads managed in both Lead2Lease and OneSite.
  • A low "Utilization" percentage reveals communities that are viewing very few (or 0) leads in Lead2Lease.

LeaseStar Training

We are finalizing the customized training plans for those properties who may need a refresher on how to use the Lead2Lease, Marketing Center, Classifieds Posting Tool, Listing Builder, Syndication.

LeaseStar Classifieds - Optimal Time of Day Posting

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  • The above chart highlights the most effective time of day for your communities to post.
  • 21% increase when you post in the Evening compared to average.
  • Morning (8am to 12pm), Afternoon (12pm to 4pm), Evening (4pm to 8pm), Night (After 8pm)
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