Binary Data

Converting denary to binary and adding 8bit numbers together

What is Binary?

Binary numbers are numbers that a computer uses to process things like pictures, videos or just text. an example of binary code is 10110011. This is an 8bit code. In binary 1 means on and 0 means off so 10110110 means on,off,on,on and so on. A single 1 or 0 is called a bit. 4 numbers are a nibble and so on.

Denary Numbers


Denary numbers include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9. Adding 8bit denary numbers is simple, but there are some confusing rules.

The rules are:





Converting binary to denary

Converting binary to denary is quite simple. Lets take 38 as an example. Yes is 1 and no is 0

first we see if its bigger than 128. Its not so thats a no which is 0. Then we see if it is bigger than 64 but its not so its 0 again. then we see if its bigger than 32 and it is so thats 1 and we subtract 32 from 38 and that leaves 6.