Carbon Footprint

By; Chris Proctor

The Carbon footprint

1.Briefly explain the concept of an ecological footprint? - to show the affect of pollution in the coutry and world.

2.State 5 factors affecting ecological footprint calculations in the simulation you used?

-home energy

-frivng and flying

- food & diet

- recycling


The Carbon Footprint(continued)

3. Compare your carbon to the nations and worlds average.

To the world average my score was pretty high, to the nations mine was low for the nation.

4. How would your carbon footprint change if you lived in Massachusetts scenario described above? Why do you think the results vary?

The score would be lower than if i lived in a detached house.

5. Explain why factors have the biggest effect on your carbon foot[print.

Home and Energy, because that is where our highest pollution is for my family.

6. Write about the process of using the carbon footprint calculator to identify three acticites you could do to reduce your emissions of green house gases. Try to make more energy sources and make to all cars run off of gasoline or oil.

The Carbon Footprint(continued)

7. Identify one pro and one con of making each of these changes you could implement.

PRO: better for the pollution reduction CON: you may forget and turn back to your old ways.

8.What would the short term effect of these changes on your life?

I would have a more green efficent lifestyle.

9. What would the long term effect of these changes have on the enviroment?

the ozone wouldnt deplete as quickly

10. What fact aboujt climate change suprised you the most and why?

how hot it is getting in such a short amount of time.