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Industrialization started with people having open ranges and cattle roaming. Then fights broke out about trespassing

Interstate Commerce Act

A United States federal law that was designed to regulate the railroad industry, particularly its monopolistic practices. It required that railroad rates be reasonable and just.

Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone


Anti-immigrant groups focused on protecting native born Americans, or older immigrants. There was a lot of prejudice and discrimination against immigrants.

Tenement Housing

People had no money for homes so people were put in tenements. Then the government said people couldnt live in such poor conditions.


When Native American children went to American schools, they had to eat like the American children, dress like them, act like them and practice the same things. It was unfortunate because the children were told to eat things their culture was against eating and told to do things that were not what they believed in.

Urbanization- political machines

Political machines stol from the cities to give housing, jobs, and "rewards" to immagrants to earn their votes.


Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Many other inventions occurred.


African Americans were forced to move to the North. Many factories were built and many jobs were made.

Progressivism- political

Jane Adams had a goal to make immigrants citizens of cities by integrating them in slowly with the use of Hull Housing


Consumer Fraud. As a result of very little oversight in workplaces, very unsafe goods made it out into the market. This wasnt good because the things being sold to people could hurt them


Alice Pau. She was very important to the womens suffrage movement. She was the face of the road to womens rights in many ways. She was a leader during this time.


the American anti-Imperialist league was estalished on June 15, 1898. Members fought the annexation of the Philippines.


The German military knew if Germans were going to expand. It would take land from other colonial powers.


The new doctrine of imperial right, they would justify every rumor.

World War II- political

Wilson declared a policy of neutrality on the United States. He believed getting involved in any war was toxic. This was not the time to start getting involved.


American businesses were anything but nuetral. Between 1914 and 1916 the value of American trade with our allies in that time went from 800 million dollars to 3 billion dollars.

Social/ cultural

Germany seeks alliance with Mexico and Japan and tells mexico that they will help get mexico back territory in the U.S.