The History of Chewing Gum

All you need to know about how gum has progressed

Primary source

There were no dates that could cover when they discovered the source of gum, but we do know that the Ancient Mayans had passed the idea of chewing chicle from a sapodilla tree to English Settlers. Then the settlers made more efficient gum from the spruce tree, and it kept advancing from there. This shows how it progressed within so many years, from 1800's to present day.

Thomas Adams makes the first machine to create gum

In 1871, Adams had patened the gum machine after he was introduced to chicle and the spruce tree by Antonio Lopez.

Tutti Frutti!

In 1888, Adams created the first chewing gum called Tutti Frutt that was sold in vending machines in New York subway stations.

So many stages to the advancement in gum

There were many inventors that were trying to make all sorts of different gum, trying to make it taste better, look better, and make the taste last longer as you chew more. Some were successful, some weren't. One famous and important inventor named Frank Fleer created the first bubble gum called Blibber-Blubber gum in 1906, but it never sold.

Pros and Cons

The importance of gum can be opinionated many ways, some people might think it's a terrible invention, others might say it's a great idea and is very helpful.



The chewing gum book:By Robert YoungThis book discusses chewing gum, its forms and flavors, its history and technology, and its various uses
Ukrainian Artist Uses Chewing Gum


You might think that bubble gum is pink for a reason.. But actually, there wasn't really a choice. The inventor only had pink coloring left for this gum, and it still remains the color today.

The largest blown bubble had a diameter of 23 inches, set in July 19, 1994 by Susan Montgomery Williams, in Fresco CA.

Swallowed gum can't clog up your intestines like people say it does, it only stays in your stomach for a few days, no damage is caused.

Chewing gum helps cutting oinions easier, it prevents crying.

I thought gum would be an interesting topic to talk about because no one really knows where gum has actually came from, and neither did i until now. It's really cool how many different ways gum could be used (Ex: Artistically). It's affected my life positively, because its helped keep my teeth clean when forgetting to brush my teeth, it has entertained me when i'm bored in class, and i've probably made a few friends because i always have gum with me. It's very helpful to me and i dont think nothing bad has ever happened to me that gum has caused.