Industrial Revolution

catia hicks

what was the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution was the process of mass production by people and robots, working on assembly lines using power driven machines. The industrial revolution began in the country of united kingdom. The industrial revolution made life a little better by making the manufacturing of product faster. Factory's no longer having to be beside water.

Steam Engine

The steam engine was invented by James watt and Matthew Boulton in 1698. The steam engine allowed factories to be built by water and in the middle of towns. The conditions in factories were a little better but not all the way. Even though kids were still forced to work and were not able to go to school they would work in factory's all day. Some factories didn't allow child labor. The factories would hide children in dark places until the inspectors left. Child labor is when kids are working. The conditions in factories was something a kid should have not had to handle. They were forced to work some of the hardest jobs because the could fit in little places. The kids were forced to work long hours to the day ended and wake up in the morning as early as 3:00 , If they weren't at work on time the would be punished.