Detriot Michigan

The Car State By Benjamin Phillips

Unided states Motor city

Detriot is America's city of macinery. Detriot is a hard working city and the home of the Detriot tigers\lions.
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Detriot is located in the the north americn cotinnet in the mid western part of the United States in the state of Michigan in the southeastern of the south penisala. Near a river that has Canada on the other side.
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The People of Detoit

The people of detriot are mostly german their is some duhch and Finnish that live there they of the place they live and love the Detriot Tiger\Lions.

Phisical Geography

The Geograph around Detriot is flat with some hills and rivers\streams.
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A Re-Growing City

From the picture above Detriot has been slowly but showerly its aconomy back up and hope so to.
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The city of Detriot has have a negitive affect on the envirment. Their trying their best to clean it yet with the population leaving it is slow going.
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The great lakes used to be land!?

The american continet used to have no lakes until the ice age began. Sciantists do not know what caused this at all. Yet this desaster made the great lakes that we see to day.
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The Greatest Lakes State of All,

And Home of The Motor City,

of Detriot.