Accountability 2015

San Augustine Elementary

Elementary STAAR Results for 2015

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Index 1: Student Performance

The purpose of this index is to provide a snapshot of performance across subjects at the satisfactory performance standard.

This year student performance includes only Reading 3-8, Writing 4 and 7, Science 5 and 8, Social Studies 8, English I, English II, Biology, Algebra I, and US History.

STAAR A, STAAR Alt, and Math 3-8 will be included in 2016.

The index target is 60. The elementary has an index score of 59.

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Index 2: Student Progress

The purpose of this index is to provide a measure of student progress by subject and student group independent of overall student achievement levels. Growth is evaluated by subject and student group. The growth measure is based on a change score that is the difference between the student's current and prior year scores. Students are assigned to one of the three growth categories based on change in scale score in relation to growth expectations: Did Not Meet Growth Expectation, Met Growth Expectation, and Exceeded Growth Expectation.

This year growth includes Reading 3-8, Writing 7, and Grade 8 to Algebra I.

Math 3-8 will be included in 2016.

The index target is 30. The elementary has an index score of 29.

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Index 3: Closing the Performance Gap

The purpose of this index is to emphasize advanced academic achievement of the economically disadvantage student group and the two lowest performing race/ethnicity student groups from the previous year at each campus or district. The economically disadvantaged group and the lowest two performing race/ethnicity student groups are then used to determine the index points received.

The elementary will track African American and White students for 2015-2016.

The index target is 28. The elementary has an index score of 28.

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Index 4: Postsecondary Readiness

The purpose of this index is to emphasize the importance for students to receive a high school diploma that provides them with the foundation necessary for success in college, the workforce, job training programs, or the military. The four components of this index include students coring Final Level II or 2 or more assessments, graduation rate, graduation diploma plan, and college and career readiness.

For the elementary, only STAAR scores are used to calculate this index.

The index target is 12. The elementary has an index score of 18.

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System Safegaurds

Underlying the performance index framework are disaggregated performance results. The disaggregated data will serve as the basis of safeguards for the accountability rating system to ensure that poor performance in one area or one student group is not masked in the performance index. The intent of the safeguards system is to also meet additional federal accountability requirements that are not met in the performance index.
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Accountability for 2016

Met Standard scores will change for the 2015-2016 Accountability. Please view the Lead4ward spreadsheet below for the current year information (Phase 2). An updated spreadsheet will be released in the fall after the Math scores are released.

Target scores for each index from TEA are likely to change as well. More information about the updated target scores for each index will be released in the spring.

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District Self Evaluation

Community and Student Engagement Accountability Information

Throughout the school year, subcommittees comprised of district employees and community members met to discuss the San Augustine ISD Community and Student Engagement piece. Subcommittees met several times to determine criteria for each area. After criteria was set, data was gathered and reported to the subcommittees and rating were determined. This is a yearly requirement through HB 5.
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Community and Parent Involvement

* community and student volunteer hours are tracked by each campus and organization

* face-to-face parental meetings are tracked by each teacher and campus

21st Century Workforce Development

* student performance on the ACT, SAT, Aspire, and PSAT are tracked by the campus

* percentage of students completing CTE programs leading to certifications or licenses

* number of character education opportunities are tracked by each campus

Second Language Acquisition

* STAAR progress of students in Monitored Yr 1 and Yr 2 is tracked by each campus

* number of core teachers holding an ESL certification or ELL training

Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students

* number of core teachers with GT training

* parental involvement activities for parents of GT students

* participation of rigorous instructional activities such as Texas Performance Standards Project (

* STAAR performance at Level III on at least one administration yearly

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