Understanding Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are various carpet cleaning methods available in the market and if your home or business establishment is located in Aurora, you also have a plethora of carpet cleaning services to choose from. But then all of these service providers offer a varied range of services and use many different forms of methods to get the work done. There are all kinds of carpet cleaning processes and systems available in the market and each of these have their own pros and cons. Therefore, it is better to understand these completely before you hire an Aurora carpet cleaning service provider for your job. This will help you understand the dynamics of what you are getting into.

Deep steam cleaning

This method is quite effective to get the soil out from deep down inside the carpet. It also allows for the use of high temperatures, pressures and chemical concentrates for cleaning as well as facilitates a longer resting time for the cleaning agents to cut through the grime. These are the reasons why almost every carpet cleaning service in Aurora will recommend and offer this format of cleaning. At the same time, however, this method can have its disadvantages. The carpets need a long time to dry out which means that if you need emergency cleanings services, they just won’t be possible. Plus, heavy duty equipment is required to carry out the cleaning process that makes this system to be an expensive choice for your cleaning needs.

Absorbent pads

This is a relatively new method of carpet cleaning and may or may not be offered by your Aurora carpet cleaning service provider. If your carpet is lightly soiled, it can offer some amazing results. Plus it is fast, simple and inexpensive, making it a popular choice among home and property owners. However, this method is not suitable for carpets that have a more severe case of dirt. It only cleans the top one-third of the carpet fibers and is incapable of reaching deeper down. Plus the chemicals being used for cleaning as well as dirt is left behind to accumulate in the deeper levels of the carpet fiber. Therefore, absorbent pads are a more suited option for an emergency clean up job which later should be backed up with a deeper and more effective cleaning activity.

Absorbent compound

This is a dry form of carpet cleaning and is considered to be quite simple to administer. In fact, this method offers one of the fastest turnaround times possible with any cleaning activity. The carpet dries pretty quickly and needs only about 20 minutes to get back into service. But this method is unable to clean deep down into the carpet and might even cause excessive dirt in the interior environment where the carpet is being used. Also, this cleaning method has a tendency to leave behind powder residue in plush pile carpets which might build up over time. This method is thus more suitable for cleaning of only certain types of carpets.

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