The Crusades


What were they?

In a nutshell, the crusades was a series of holy war battles of the Christians and the Muslims to gain- and/or visit the Christians Holy Land on the eastern Mediterranean. There were seven major crusades and they started in 1095. And ended in 1291.

The seven Major crusades (1-3)

1095 the first crusade:

In 1095 CE the Europeans fought the first crusade. It was mainly peasants who fought it but they lost.

1147-1149: the second crusade.

This crusade was probably reinforced by the thought of the previous loss. They had a major loss in two places, and from the one place the did win over did not help them with the rest.

1189-1192: the third crusade.

This crusade was a great crusade with the first victory.

1202-1204: the fourth crusade

This crusade was made to capture Muslim-controlled Jerusalem by invading Egypt, instead, crusaders from west Europe invaded the christian city of city of Constantinople.

12131221: the fifth crusade

The fifth was another attempt to regain the holy land and Jerusalem. It failed

1228: The sixth crusade:

An attempt to gain Jerusalem again after the failure of the fifth.

1245-1254: the seventh crusade:

This one was led by Louis the fourth from France


Basically, like I said, the crusades was a holy war between the Christians and the Muslims for their holy land.

The major seven and many small ones dated from 1096 to 1291