Harmony Middle School Library

Packing Up in Preparation for the New Libary

Mrs. Hassig is weeding books and Mrs. Ball and Mrs. Beaman are packing up artifacts and clutter from 25 years! All must be ready when the movers come to pack up the books on May 16th! But all of this activity hasn't shut our library down or caused a change in the organized chaos that is always the HMS library!

Maker Space at HMS! Every Friday Rain or Shine!

7th Grade Cowboy Lessons

The library borrowed the Cowboy trunk from the Kansas State Historical Society in March. 7th grade Kansas history students learned about cowboys and their lasting effect on the economy and legend of Kansas!

Harmony Middle School Library

Harmony Middle School participated in "Give 7 Days" to remember the three lives lost in the hate crime that devastated our community just 2 years ago. Mrs. Hassig and Regan Poppen dressed for "You" day which stressed loving yourself! Diversity team members organized an all-school activity for every day and also walked in the Peace Walk from the Jewish Community Center to CORE!
Beyond Belief

PBS visited HMS Library to film a 6th grade World History lesson on religions. Using the district religion trunk students were able to analyze, touch and share the artifacts.

PSA Time!

6th graders researched issues concerning children all over the world. Topics included child soldiers, labor, refugees, war, malaria, education, land mines, food security and clean water. Once the research was complete, students collaborated in groups to create PSAs or public service announcements!
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Tea Time for "The Hobbit"

Mr. Blumyer's 8th grade ELA/Reading students enjoyed a spot of tea while listening to one of J.R.R. Tolkien's favorites - Ralph Vaughn Williams' "The Lark Ascending" and watched Mrs. Hassig's slides of England.

Empty Bowls 2016

On April 6th, HMS and OTMS poets and artists, LMS, HRTE, and BVN artists gathered for the 2016 Empty Bowls event. PTAs for all of the schools provided yummy desserts and thought-provoking poems were displayed side-by-side with their beautiful bowls. Naomi James, 7th grader at HMS, read her poem aloud with fire and enthusiasm. Over $800 was raised for the True Light Family Resource Center!

Vietnam Veteran Rotations

Tuesday, May 10th, 8am-12pm

Harmony Middle School

Vietnam veterans will visit HMS and tell their personal stories of their time in Vietnam to all of the 8th grade as part of the American History curriculum. Charlie Stapleton will once again be sure that "The Bird" or Huey arrives on time and gives every 8th grader a chance to sit in her cockpit!

O.W.L. (Operation Wildlife) Annual Visit to HMS

Wednesday, May 11th, 8am-2pm

Harmony Middle School Library

Operation Wildlife will be at Harmony Middle School Library for the whole day to show students what owls do in the wild! If you have little ones at home that love owls you are welcome to bring them buy for a peek! WHOOOOOOOOO!