Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade News

For the Week of April 29

Back to work...

Last week, we had a great time on Thursday and Friday chillaxing and doing fun science experiments! This week, we are back to work, preparing for 4th grade!

Class Picnic

Our 3rd grade class picnic will be on Monday, May 27th at 12:00 at the Tiffany Park Pavilion. For those of you new to Bowen, the class picnic each year is a time when all of the 3rd grade classes eat outside with our friends and parents. Many parents like to attend and bring their children lunch. Children can also bring a sack lunch. Cafeteria lunches are a little more difficult since we eat outside.

When the students are finished eating, they can hang out and play outside (hopefully our new playground will be done by then...) until 1:00 pm. If you attend and you would like to, you can check your child out at this time. Students that are still at school will come back into the classroom to watch a movie or help me with some end-of-year tasks in the classroom!

Wet & Wild

On the last day of school during specials, the students will get to enjoy "Wet & Wild" fun. The PTO rents an inflatable water slide, the specials teachers set up other water games, and the students can also splash at the splash pad! More information will be sent home as we get closer to the day, but here's some heads-up info:

-Students will need to wear their bathing suits to school under their clothes.

-Please apply sunscreen at home.

-Girls must wear one-piece suits or a cover-up over a 2-piece.

-Students need to bring a towel and dry clothes to change into after Wet & WIld.

-There will not be enough time between Wet & Wild and the Awards assembly for all of the students to change, so we will be attending the Awards in our partially-dry bathing suits! The students will bring their towels to sit on, and they must be covered. :)

Upcoming Events

-Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 10th: End of Year DRA testing (all students will be tested on non-fiction text, which is typically more difficult than fiction text)

-Wednesday, May 22nd: Cumulative district science checkpoint

-Monday, May 27th: Class Picnic from 12-1 pm

-Thursday, May 30th: Last day of school!, Wet & Wild during specials, Awards assembly at 9:00 am

-Friday, May 31st: You have 4th graders!!!!