Ocean Ramsey

Ocean Ramsey paper

Ocean Ramsey has and still does amazing things. She helps creatures that live in the water. She has made organizations to help save sharks. Ocean has shown people that sharks are not terrible but amazing.

Ocean Ramsey is an amazing person. She helps underwater creature all the time. She teaches people how to scuba dive so they can help sharks and other underwater creatures to. She has many organizations that she helps or runs to save sharks and other underwater creatures.

Ocean has many organizations that save sharks. She does it because she has shared the water with them for most of her life. She started swimming with them when she was little. She also does it because she has hd the most breathtaking moments with them. Her goal is to make sure sharks are safe.

When is the last time you heard about a shark being killed?? you probably never have. But you always hear about a person being attacked by a shark. They don’t attack that often. More sharks have died them people. ocean says that sharks are not jaw eating machines. They don’t mean to attack you. They think they are your food. But when people attack them it’s fine? There's a difference they don’t mean to but we do? That is why she is trying to save sharks. They’re not bad creatures if you really think about it. They actually help us a lot.

In this paper I have shown that she helps underwater creatures. She has many organizations to help underwater creatures. Also that I have told you what she has said about sharks and what people think about them.