The Amazing World of Bonsai Trees

and everything that entails

What is a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is a form of Japanese art where miniature trees are grown in small containers. This art form dates back over a thousand years. Unlike most other cultivated plant life in that time bonsai trees where not made for food or medicine. Although they are adorable many would consider their up keep to be extensive.

How are they different from other trees

After WWII like other Japanese culture bonsai became popular to western audiences. Almost any tree can be used as a bonsai tree. A bonsai tree can be made from a piece of any woody stem or shrub that can live more than 2 years. Some of the most common bonsai species are the Chinese elm, Japanese elm, Wisteria, and Trident Maple

How to take care of them

  • Water one a week by immersing the entire plant until air bubbles rise to the top
  • keep the tree in a humid area
  • If inside keep near a window
  • Trim only minimal new growth


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