Music Club

If you love all types of music this is the place for you

Come join our music club!!!

If you love listening to all types of music and discussing about it then this is the club for you. We also host our own online radio station that all of the students can listen to we are always interested in having new radio host that are very outgoing and can really connect with the public.

Every Mondays at the the music studio located on the east side of campus

If your interested in joining our club then come see us at the music studio on campus. We meet every Mondays to listen and talk about ALL kinds of music. Radio hosts meet everyday after class.

Jerry-Club leader. Donna- Club secretary. Tommy- Member recruiter

We guarantee anyone who comes will have a great time and be looking forward to our meetings.

Frequently asked questions.

How can I join?

Every Monday you can come and talk to us about joining

Can anyone be a radio host?

As long as you have a good attitude and have a great connection with the audience yes anyone can be a radio host.