Growth 2013

Connect and Grow with like-minded Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Make Better Decisions

Focus on making better People, Strategy, and Execution decisions. Join several hundred CEOs and executives of Europe's leading mid-market growth firms in a day of interaction and learning from the globe's top business thought leaders.

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Growth 2013 hosted by IESE Business School

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 at 9am-6pm

21 Avinguda de Pearson

Barcelona, CT



The Speaker Lineup for May 23 2013 is:

  • John Mullins (Execution) – serial entrepreneur, London Business School prof; and author of “Getting to Plan B”
  • Margaret Heffernan (People) – serial entrepreneur and author of “Willful Blindness”
  • John Warrilow (Strategy) – Author of "Built to Sell", how to build your company into a valuable system, have a realistic exit plan in your future
  • Conor Neill - Serial entrepreneur; IESE Business School prof, "Predictable Success"
  • Verne Harnish – CEO of Gazelles and author of “The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time” and “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits”

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You may pre-Register here: Gazelles Registration Barcelona 2013