Saint Cecilia

By Reilly Donovan

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-Born: The second century
-Died: The third century
-Feastday: The 22nd of November

-Born into a wealthy family.

-Her family made her marry Valerian.

-She is pictured as being beautiful, often with flowers or instruments.

Patron Saint of Music

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The Angel That Protected Cecilia's Virginity

-Prayed to God to protect her virginity.

-Told her fiance about the angle protecting her virginity.

-Valerian asked to see the angel as proof.

-He would see once he went to the third milestone of the Appian Way and was baptized.

-Valerian came back and saw the angel.

-Valerian's brother was also baptized.

-They then dedicated themselves to burying murdered saints.

Cecilia's Achievements and Actions

  • She prayed with people.
  • Patron Saint of Music.
  • First incorrupt Saint.
  • Preached to people.
  • Converted more than 400 people.

Cecilia Becoming a Martyr

-She was arrested.

-Charged to be put to death by way of suffocation in the baths.

-Stayed in baths for a day and a night.

-Didn't sweat one drop as flames burned around her.

-Then sentenced to be decapitated.

-The executioner swung three times but could not kill her.

-She was left there bleeding for three days.

-Prayed and preached as people came to see her.

-People collected her blood.

-After three days, Saint Cecilia died.

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Excavation of Saint Cecilia's Grave

-In 1599 her grave was dug up.

-Saint Cecilia was found incorrupt (never having decomposed.)

-First Saint to be found incorrupt.

-A "mysterious and delightful flower-like odor which proceeded from the coffin" was apparent.

-She was wearing a dress with gold beading and a silk veil.

-Saint Cecilia was then moved to a church named after her.