Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets

People shouldn't be able to keep them

dangerous animals

Exotic animals can sometimes fatally hurt. Once a gorilla escaped for a zoo and if the zoo cant hold a gorilla you cant hold one. People that have been holding tigers and other exotic animals still get attack by them.


Exotic animals can give many disease like monkey pox, ring worm, campylobacteriosis, and klebsiella. All of these diseases are not life-threatening, some are very serious, even fatal

encaged animals

Animals shouldn't be encaged they can get very lonely and would you like to sit in a cage all day alone. often people care for them the first few days that they get them. Then they start to forget about it and give it no attention.

different exotic animals

  • panda bear
  • poison dart frog
  • tigers
  • monkey
  • red panda
  • elephant
  • polar bear