Dark Secrets

By: Anne Schraff

LiliaIbeth Vera

Dark secrets takes place in El Barrio during the present. The story begins when Ernesto and his family move back to El barrio after living for a while in New York and see people that they haven't seen in a long time and they start a new life at a new house and a new school.

The main charter is Ernesto. Three words to describe him is kind, sweet and caring. Things that motivate him is his dad , grandma Naomi and running. His family is very important to him but those are the people he cares about the most. What i really like about the character is that he is a very kind person to everyone. He also helps people when he says they're going through a hard time. The relationship between Ernesto and his dad is really good because they trust each other a lot and they always try to help each other out.

The theme of the novel is Never hide anything that's killing you inside. One example that supports the theme is when Rosie hit Tessie with the car that night and she didn't tell anybody about until the very end. Another example is Namois boyfriend hit her and she lied to Ernesto that she had hit her serf by accident. A third example from the book is that Fernando had painted the car that Rosie hit Tessie with so nobody could find out about what had happened. A final example is when the little boy told Ernie about how he was gonna scratch Fernando car and when the boy did it Ernie didn't say anything about it when they were asking.