Klein Oak Course Selection

Course selection resources for current and future panthers!

Course Selection Day

Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 7:30am-2:30pm

This is an online event.

Students will make their 2020- 2021 course selection and update their career plan in their SKYWARD student portal (career plan tab) during each class period throughout the day.


Students will be using the information provided in their individual Course Selection Packet to help in their decision making. Don't forget to bring your packet with you!!!

In addition, students will write down their selection on their Course Selection Form and their teacher will confirm student completion with their signature on the form acknowledging that the course selection was made in skyward by signing the form. Students in elective classes will also write down an alternate elective choice on the form. Completed course selection forms will be turned into each student's last period teacher (6th, or 7th).

Visit www.promise2purpose.net for information regarding graduation requirements, course selection, pathways, endorsements, units of study, certification, AP, DC and IB etc...

Teachers will provide support to students on course selection day.

Students are also encouraged to complete their career plans in skyward if time permits.

Course Selection in Skyward is open 1/20 -1/31

Parents and students must digitally sign/confirm their career plan updates in the student portal. All digital changes after 1/31 will be completed by the school counselor.

Skyward Course Selection Instructions!! Important information

Please utilize these documents to help you learn how to update your career plan/ course selection for next in the student portal of Skyward. Course selection and career plan updating options are not available under family access. Access: 1/20-1/31

All Career Plans must be signed! (Digital Signature)

Video Instructions on how to update your Career Plan

Instructions on how to change make your course selections and update your career plan in Skyward. Must be logged into your Klein google account to view

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Course Selection Sheets ! Download and Save


Free Career Test! Holland Code Aptitude Test

Find out what careers match your personality!! Only takes 10 minutes

Things to do!

  • Attend class meetings and look over your course selection packet; bring this packet with you on Course Selection Day.
  • Review your previous pathways and endorsement selections. Also, Visit the promise2purpose.net district website to learn more about the Foundation + Endorsement graduation options and the variety of pathways available at Klein Oak and Klein ISD.
  • Examine your transcript and earned credit completion. (26 credits needed for F+E diploma) If you have lost credit due to grades or attendance; please see your counselor.
  • Examine instructions on how to make your course selections for next year and update your career plan in Skyward
  • Sign up and attend Panther Den tours that align with your areas of interest.
  • Reach out to those who can help you with your decision-making process: parents, teachers, counselors, students, friends, etc...
  • Bring your parents or encourage them to attend PIE NIGHT (Panther Information Expo)
  • Complete your course selections in Skyward during each class period on January 29th.
  • Turn in your course selection sheet to your teacher at the end of your last class on January 29th
  • Meet with your counselor after January 29th if you need further help. (All-Freshman and Juniors will be meeting with their counselor during the months of Feb and March)
  • Help your parent/guardian sign your course selection/ career plan in Skyward after January 29th.
  • Remember: No more changes to your course selection after May 8, 2020.

Dual Credit Information

Allison Wallace

KOHS Counselor

Dual Credit


Courses offered:

English 3



College Algebra

U.S. History


Auto Tech 1

BIM 2 (online in fall)

Business Law (online in Spring)

Dance (Spring)

KO Dual Credit 'smore"

Find all the information you are seeking regarding our Dual Credit Program and offerings!

International Baccalaureate Program Information

For more information about the IB program please contact:

Elizabeth Bowling : IB Counselor

Linda Garner : IB Program Coordinator

Jason Anderson: IB Principal


Panther Den Course Selection Tours

Pick up to 4 classes/ programs you would like to learn more about before deciding what to take next year. You will attend during Panther Den on Jan 23, 24, 27, & 28th. Check ENRICHING STUDENTS for your assigned tour.

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Skyward family access instructions

Instructions on how to set up your family access skyward account. Computer or phone

PIE Night Smore of Information

Link to PIE (Panther Information Expo 2020) presentations will be uploaded..check back often

CTE Program Applications

State of Texas Graduation Requirements

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We are here to help!

The Klein Oak counseling team is here to help streamline your course selection process. We encourage exploration, discovery, and self-awareness during this academic selection journey in order to satisfy one's goals and the state of Texas graduation requirements.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

Course Selection Season is here!!!

During the month of January and February, you will be provided with informational resources and opportunities to learn about the many pathways, endorsements and units of study Klein Oak and Klein ISD offers.

This document is provided to help all who are involved in the course selection process to have access to all the information they may need.

Please feel free to share this link to our Panther community.

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