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MHS End of School Year 2020 Newsletter

Final Day for Locker Clean Out and Chromebook Return!

Thursday, June 18th is the final day of locker cleanout/item retrieval/chromebook return.

The school will be open from 1pm - 4pm. Students will enter at door 1 and exit out of the cafeteria. Only students can enter the building. Students MUST be wearing a mask!

Food Distribution Site at Mather HS for the summer

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority. Since the temporary closure of our schools due to COVID-19, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has served millions of grab-and-go meals to families. We are committed to providing meals throughout the closure, and you can pick up meals at Mather High School, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at door 4 off of California Ave.

Credit Recovery Summer 2020 - Registration deadline is June 22nd

Summer school registration is ONLINE and the registration process is very different. PLEASE READ this in its entirety.

Please keep in mind you will not be able to recover classes you failed during the regular school day. Any class you failed that is needed for graduation you will need to do Credit Recovery during Saturday, Summer, and/or Night School.

Students will have a mentor that will monitor the class and a tutor that they can contact for help. Since Mather is not hosting summer school this year it is likely the mentor and the tutors will not be Mather teachers. This summer the classes are exclusively online. You will not meet with mentors, teachers or tutors in-person.

Summer school is five weeks long June 29- July 31st. and IT IS FREE! Students must be engaged during the five weeks to receive a grade and dedicate 3-4 hours per day working per class.

There is no paper registration for summer school. This is the process we will be using for registration.

1. The student must fill out the Mather's form for summer school registration (link below)

2. *****The Counselor must receive an email with a parent consent to take an online class!!!!****

3. The Counselor will enroll the student in online class/es

After the counselor enrolls the student, s/he will receive more information from the summer school team from CPS regarding the next steps.

All communication regarding summer school will be with the student assigned Mentor for the class. The student will be notified who that person is as soon as the counselor completes the registration.

We need to confirm that you will be attending summer school. Please use the form below to start the process and your counselor will contact you regarding your registration. On this form, you must indicate if you will need a chrome book this summer for your class. YOU MUST TURN IN ANY DEVICE YOU CURRENTLY HAVE FROM MATHER and a new device will be assigned prior to June 29th.

Mather's Form For Summer School Registration ( this is not the official registration form. This form is to start the process with the counselor.)

The last day to submit this form for students is June 22nd, 2020.

Yearbook Purchasing for 2020

Are you still interested in a yearbook? It's AMAZING!

Time to cozy up and read a good book!" Rewind and check out the 2020 year at Mather. You can purchase your yearbook online today and pick it up Friday or Monday. #ayearwewillneverforget #matheryearbook