Houses for 12.5 cents

Austin's Colony

Come to Austin's Colony

Come to Stephen F. Austin and buy a house for a low price of 12.5 cents. This land is located between the Brazos and Colorodo rivers. You can come and start a new life. You can come here to just be free too. There are a lot of rolling hills that are great for farming. There are woods so you will be able to get a large amount of lumber.

Theses houses are only 12.5 cents

The Land

It is the best place to go for freedom. It also will be safely located away from any Indians. It is also surround by woods so you will be able to get a large amount of lumber. This land is on the Camino Real so transportation will be very easy. There are also some hills that are perfect for farming. Individuals will get 640 acres, wives will get 320, kids will get 160 acres and slaves will get 80 acres.

Who we want and the rules.

Who we want and The Rules

People wanted- farmers, good citizens

People not wanted- drunkerds, gamblers, swearers

The rules here are very similar to the ones in the U.S.. That is because if the constitution of 1824. Texas has its own federal government and central government. Plus, so nobody takes control of Texas like a king, there is a law where the the president must share the power with congress.