Survival Tips to Help You!!!!

By Saketh Chaluvadi

Surrvival Tips

1. Pack material, but make sure they light

Why: Because if the materials are too heavy, then it will be hard to walk

How: Since you have light materials, you can take out whatever you need immediately

2. Bring water and a bottle.

Why: In case you don’t find water immediately, this water can sustain you

How: You can drink it

3. Bring snacks

Why:It will sustain you until you find food

How: You can eat it

4. Avoid all mushrooms

Why: Because they could be poisonous

How: Just walk away from all mushrooms you see

5. Don’t eat any type of insect

Why: You could get sick

How: Even when you see a insect and you have the urge to eat it; don’t

6. Walk carefully and carry some kind of weapon at all times

Why: Because you never know what you will step on and if there is something harmful, you can kill it

How: Just walk and look everywhere and kill something only if it is harmful to you.

7. Don’t drink salt water

Why: It will dehydrate you faster

How: Even when you are thirsty and salt water is the only water available, don’t drink it.

8. Make a stone knife

Why: It will be a extra in case you lose one of your knives

How: Get a stone and something that can wear down the stone and keep wearing it down until it is sharp.

9. Always check your clothes before you wear it

Why: There could be a snake or something in you clothes

How: Lift your clothing and see if anything is in it

10. Look for shelter

Why: Because it could be dangerous outside and you need somewhere to sleep

How: Just look anywhere to see if there is good space and somewhere
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