The Jeita Grotto

By Tyler

How It Formed

This natural made cavern was sculpted by water. Geologically , the cave provides a tunnel or a escape route. The cavern is divided into 2 parts. The Upper Grotto (The Upper Galleries) and The Lower Grotto (The Lower Galleries). The Jeita Grotto still to this day, remains a popular tourist attraction.

Jeita Grotto

  • it had an expedtion
  • natural made cavern
  • sculptures for visitors
  • train for visitors
  • roepway for visitors
  • mini zoo for visitors

Fun Fact #1: The Jeita Grotto was first discovered by the modern era in 1836, by William Thomson, a missionary from America.

Fun Fact #2: The Jeita Grotto is one of the biggest caverns in the world

Fun Fact #3: Unlike the Lower Grotto, the Upper Grotto can be visited on foot

Fun Fact #4: The Jeita Grotto has many features for visitors such as a train, ropeway, mini zoo, and a lot of scupltures.

Fun Fact #5: The Jeita Grotto is measured to be 5.6 miles.

Fun Fact #6: The cavern was formally known by Grottoes (gra-toes).

Big image
Another overview of the Jeita Grotto.
Big image
A picture of the rocks in the Jeita Grotto.
Big image
A man wakeboarding over the water in the Jeita Grotto.
Youtube Vid of Man Wakeboarding

All I can say is, this is amazing.


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