From Grass to Ice Cream



Do you like ice cream? I am going to tell you how it is made. From grass to ice cream!


Ice cream starts with grass. Cow eat grass and it turns into raw milk. The famers milk the cows and then it goes into a truck on its way to the factory.


Once the milk is at the factory it is pumped into four 6,000 gallons of storage in silos and kept cool at 30 degress. the milk gets heated for 6 to 8 min. Then the milk gets flavored and suger gets put into it then the milk goes into the freeze. now it is ice cream. thats when the ice cream gets put in cotaners. now the ice cream is in a truck on its way to the store.


Once the ice cream is at the store it goes in the freezer part of the store. Ice cream is at stores like Hyvee, Costco, Walmart, DQ, orange leaf.

Fun Facts

Cows make the milk! There at least 1,000 kinds of ice cream in the world. You can make homemade ice cream.


Thats how ice cream is made. From grass to ice cream!
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