"Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice"

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"It always seems impossible until its done."Nelson Mandela

Sacrifice,Sacrifice, Sacrifice,

Being a STEM Educator, means sacrificing so much of your time and energy to making your lesson's interdisciplinary to incorporate STEM. Its not easy! Many of our Bluford STEM Educators utilize their iPads, Class Dojo, Epson Projectors ...etc., to make their lesson's creative, innovative and engaging. Also, Bluford STEM Educators sacrifice so much with our STEM Enrichment/ Groups and Activities . The long days and long nights are very much appreciated. Sacrifice is what builds champions and it goes along way. Yes, we are all champions, Champions that sacrifice so much to Bluford STEM Academy/ students! It might not show up on a test or data sheet but our sacrifice is what changes around a school, environment, students, ....etc.

Yes, You a Champion! A Champion that Sacrifices,Sacrifices, Sacrifices!

Shout OUT to Miss. Copeland and Energy Wise/ GreenTeam! SHOUT OUT to Ms. Copeland and The Energy Wise/ Green Teams on winning Gold at the Energy Wise Ceremony Last Night!!!!! Ms. Copeland and The Energy Wise/Green Teams worked so hard this year and demonstrated STEM to the fullest. Ms.Copeland is truly dedicated to our 5th Grade students; she goes above and beyond the call of duty each day. She maintains a positive outlook on not only our Bluford STEM students but on each and every individual she meets! Way to go Miss. Copeland and The Energy Wise/Green Team!

Shout OUT to Ms. Walker with our Fit Friday! Wasn't it incredible to have Ms. Walker bring her exercise routine to Bluford STEM Academy. Our Bluford STEM Academy Staff and Students loved it! Sometimes a nice sweat does the mind and body good. Look out for Ms. Walker's next exercise routine this Friday on Bluford STEM News channel 94 in her segment of Fit Friday at 7:50 am. Way to go Ms. Walker!

Shout OUT to Mr. Price Payton and Mrs. Cindy Donnell for presenting at the North Carolina Association Elementary Educators (NCAEE) Regional Conference. These STEM Educators presented on Integrating Math and Science. During their presentation, they focused on the importance of integrating math and science because students maybe stronger in one subject area and weaker in the other. If you combine them both, then students especially AA males students will be engaged, evolved, and encourage to succeed. Way to go Mr. Price Payton and Mrs. Cindy Donnell

Shout OUT to Ms. Brooks! Ms. Brooks is a retired teacher that has stepped in at Bluford STEM Academy wonderfully. Ms. Brooks has been tremendous at our school. When several of our former Bluford STEM Teachers left Bluford, she stepped in wonderfully and did not miss a beat. Ms. Brooks, thanks for all of your diligence, hard work and dedication with our Bluford STEM Students. Way to go Ms. Brooks!

Shout OUT to Mr. Haywood! One of our STEM Educators stated it best , Mr. Haywood is a jack of all trades! He covers classes, motivationally speaks, media specialist...etc. One thing Mr. Haywood states regularly is that he loves Bluford, and it shows daily. The energy that he brings daily can be unmatched. He speaks so highly of our Bluford STEM Educators on how you all utilize your iPads, Epson Projectors in your classroom. I think that I speak for all of the Bluford STEM Academy Staff, that we all appreciate you and all that you do for Bluford STEM Academy! Way to go Mr. Haywood!

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